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Fireweed Chesapeakes has a limited number of litters each year and occasionally an older dog for sale. Contact us regarding current and/or future puppy availability, or to inquire about an older dog for sale. We sometimes have a Chesapeake that needs to be re-homed with caring owners -- serious inquiries always welcome.

Now that I have the time to raise puppies, I have started back into a strong breeding program to produce the highest quality trial, hunting and companion Chesapeakes possible. Each breeding is done with the idea that there is a potential field champion in the making. I feel the superior gun dogs come from this type of breeding. Breeding is designed and based on compatible bloodlines and types, individual’s natural abilities, temperament, trainability and physical attributes. Excellent marking ability, speed and desire can be observed in the rawest of dogs. So in a breed with fewer titles than we would like, we can still find the “natural” to breed with for the quality of pups desired. I have had the chance to acquire a few quality brood bitches recently and they are producing the kind of pups I love.

All breeding stock is OFA and CERF certified, and must be physically sound enough to work hard and in the roughest conditions. Fireweed Chesapeakes are guaranteed to have the natural and physical abilities to make superb gun dogs, and sound temperaments for an excellent family companion dog. Those bought for field trialing will have the “promise” and it will be up to your efforts to bring those to the top.

Enjoy a few pictures of the “physical” type of puppies I like to produce.






















Curious Puppies


Twig - Aimee Litter

































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